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Locksmith Upper West Side can help you choose the correct safe to offer you optimal protection for your cash, jewelry, documents, data, precious metals or gems, firearms and more. When it comes to safes there is no more important decision than to get it right.

At Locksmith Upper West Side we make the decision process easy. We have access to an extensive range of top quality safes, including: Defiance, CMI, Yale, Locktech, Premium, Chubb, SecureLine and Guardall to name just a few.

We offer the following services to keep your valuables secure and your safe operating reliably.

  • Safe Sales and Service
  • Delivery and Installation
  • Relocate your existing safe
  • Provide a new combination/code or keys
  • Safe combination changes for mechanical dial locks and electric keypad locks
  • Safe opening for wall, floor and free standing safes (We always try the least invasive method to get your safe open)

Home Safes

Safes are designed to be place where we keep our valuable belongings. A safe is a free standing safe that is bolted to the floor. This type of safes is built on thick steel, that endures sustained attacks. These types of safes are the most popular safes that are sold. They are easy to install, and they provide good protection from aggressive attacks. Burglary safes do not provide good protection to fires, unless it is stated . Locksmith Upper West Side safes are carries heavy commercial and industrial grades. Our safes are fire resistant and do provide the highest protection from prolonged attacks. There are several types of safes, that fitted an individual one’s lifestyle. Some is briefly as below:

  • Fire Safe

A fire safe is a freestanding safe is designed to protect the contents from a fire for a specific amount of time. It is worth to mention what all safes are not fireproof, and they could provide good protection if they carry required ISO fire resistant standards.  These type of safes are used in the commercial and residential estates, that has high risk for fire threats. They exponentially increase the likelihood the contents will survive a fire. Fire safe replacements are established by Locksmith Upper West .

  • Burglary Safe

A burglary safe is a freestanding safe that is attached to the floor. They are built to protect the valuables from criminal attacks. Burglary safes are mainly used in financial centers, or the places carries high value items. This type of places, that can sell jewelry or banks. Our burglary safe repair also comes with fire resistant standards.

  • Custom Safe

They are designed to suit exact requirements of the buyer.

  • Depository Drop Safe

These type of safes are special purpose safes that used by financial centers, mainly by banks.

Locksmith Upper West Side carries highest rated safes of all types. We will repair and replace them at the customer’s request. Our fees are the most affordable in New York City and the surrounding the areas. We will get to the premise 20 minutes, given the time of day and the traffic. Please call us at 212-729-1854. Our sister company Locksmith Upper East Side will also help you with the lock changes and other existing issues. Upper West Side Locksmith is at your services.


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