Lip Filler Can Address a Variety of Concerns

Most Lip Filler San Diego is made from hyaluronic acid, naturally occurring in the body. It comes in gel form and is injected into the lips to increase their size.

Lip Filler

Using the most popular fillers available, lip enhancement can help achieve various goals: defining a crisp lip border, emphasizing a cupid bow shape, and minimizing lines around the mouth.

Lip wrinkles are fine lines that form around the upper and lower lips or at the corners of the mouth. They’re also known as smoker lines, accordion lines, or “pout” lines. These lines can make you look older and wrinkly, but there are many treatments that can help reduce them.

For example, some dermal fillers can add volume to the lips to smooth them out, while others can relax the muscles in the area so that they stop forming wrinkles. Other treatments can include chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing. These treatments can help remove damaged cells, improve the texture of the skin, and stimulate collagen production.

The most common type of lip filler is hyaluronic acid fillers, like the Juvederm family of products. These fillers contain a naturally occurring substance in the body called hyaluronic acid, which helps plump the lips and boost collagen production for a firmer, more youthful appearance. This treatment is very popular and safe. It’s also long-lasting, with results often lasting up to a year.

Other types of fillers are available, and a skilled injector will know which is right for each patient. For instance, patients who have deep vertical lines on or above their lips might benefit from a filler that contains a stronger type of hyaluronic acid, such as the Juvederm Volbella product. Other options for treating perioral rhytids are the PLLA fillers, which use your own body’s fat to restore volume.

Choosing the right filler is just as important for lip wrinkles as it is for other areas of the face. A skilled injector will know how to sculpt the lip filler to create natural-looking contours that complement your facial features. They’ll also understand the importance of avoiding certain habits, like smoking or taking supplements that can thin your blood, so that you have a reduced risk of bleeding and bruising after your procedure.

The best way to prevent lip wrinkles is by wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher on all parts of the face, neck, and shoulders. A good moisturizer with SPF can also help protect your skin from sun damage and keep it looking healthy and youthful.

Sunken Areas

In some cases, lip filler can address sunken areas of the lips. For instance, the philtrum columns within the upper lip may become less defined as one ages. Injecting hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers into the area can enhance it for a more defined look. The cupid’s bow at the center of the top lip is another popular area to define by adding volume. Similarly, lip filler can address downturned corners of the mouth that can create a frowning expression and also give structure to lips that are congenitally thin. A qualified expert injector will choose the best product and technique to provide a natural appearance. The wrong type of filler can create lumps, compress blood vessels and cause complications with the skin-abutting mucosa of the lips.

Defined Areas

The aging process causes changes to the facial structure that reduce volume, create fine lines, and change the shape of the lips. A qualified practitioner will evaluate your unique anatomy, including the distribution of blood vessels in the lip area, to avoid the potential for side effects like compression of blood vessels or occlusion of soft tissue. He or she will also pay particular attention to the high-risk areas, called danger zones, where filler is injected more cautiously to prevent damage and unwanted results.

Whether you want a fuller appearance, or to correct problems caused by a genetic condition or the aging process, your provider will recommend and apply the best technique to achieve the desired result. The goal is a natural looking enhancement, with no obvious signs of filler injections.

For example, a patient who seeks a more defined Cupid’s bow will receive injections in the center of the upper lip, while someone wanting to increase overall volume may have multiple points of injection along the lips and inside the mouth.

Other concerns that can be corrected with filler include the corners of the mouth, or oral commissures, which can appear downturned and give a sad or frowning expression. Dermal fillers can elevate the corners of the mouth, providing structural support and reducing the downward-extending lines called marionette lines.

Another common problem is the nasolabial fold, or the line from your nose to the corner of your mouth. Injections of hyaluronic acid filler can diminish the lines and wrinkles that run vertically from this area, creating a more youthful appearance.

Injections of fillers can also enhance the appearance of your lower lip. The lip is often thinned with age, and this can result in the appearance of a “duck lip” effect. A skilled injector can add just the right amount of filler to the lower lip to restore its natural volume and improve the appearance of your chin, which can contribute to a more attractive face. A good lip filler should be able to blend into the skin of the lower face for a harmonious look.

Natural Appearance

Lip filler can be used to address a wide variety of concerns. For example, if a patient wants to soften the appearance of vertical lines above the lips, an expert injector can use filler to blur them away while redefining the Cupid’s bow and lip line edges for a sharper overall look. Patients with a droopy bottom lip can also benefit from a little careful, strategic injection to reshape the lower lid and lift the corner of the mouth.

Lip fillers are usually made of hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally-occurring substance in the skin. Hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, and Belotero are considered the most natural-looking because they blend in seamlessly with existing skin tissue to create a subtle plumping effect. Injectors who are experienced with facial cosmetic surgery and a range of dermal fillers will be able to select the best products for each unique anatomy.

One of the most popular reasons for seeking lip filler is to restore a symmetrical balance to the lips. Dr. Alexiades explains that many women come into her office with a slapdash lip filler job that threw off their overall facial proportions, turning their lips into boxy rectangles.

Using filler to correct an unnatural shape is not without risk, so it is critical for patients to see an experienced, board-certified injector to ensure they are getting the safest and most effective treatment for their goals. In addition to minimizing risks, experienced injectors will know how much of each product to use to achieve the desired result, avoiding the over-plumped “duck lips” look and other obvious signs of lip filler treatment.

Patients can also choose a more natural-looking finish by selecting the right filler product for their unique anatomy and cosmetic goals. For example, Belotero is a very soft filler that does not swell as much as other fillers and minimizes the white, swollen look that can occur with some lip fillers. Additionally, Belotero is injected more superficially than other fillers which helps to minimize the risk of nicking a blood vessel and resulting in bruising.